Samuel Collingwood Smith is a public menace

"Sam Smith" of Hertfordshire, England is a terrorist. Simply by saying this, I put myself, my family, and my friends at imminent risk of being stalked and viciously defamed.

He will attack everyone you love.
He will attack everyone you know.
He will stalk you for years.
He will stalk minors.
He will will gloat about any problems he causes you and the people you love.
He will find your employers and call you a pedophile to try and get you fired.
He will harrass companies and services your businesses rely on to hurt them.
He will extort you and your associates.

As of writing he is 40 years old. He has been above criticism his entire life. He cannot handle any negative words said about him, and becomes litigant at any perceived wrongs. When the law does not benefit him, his crusade against your livelihood begins.

Samuel Collingwood Smith is mentally unhinged and a danger to everyone who comes into contact with him. He is a danger to the families of everyone who comes into contact with him. He is a danger to the friends of everyone who comes into contact with him.

Samuel Collingwood Smith brags about being a terrorist and will never stop stalking you until he gets what he wants. If you bar contact with him, he will use anonymizing tools to attack you without reprocussions.

As a vexatious litigant, he is proficient at hiding information about his past. He frequently searches his own name and files intentionally misleading complaints to hide his extensive history of abuse.

There is no evidence of him ever having lovers, friends, a trade, or a real job.

Sam Smith has nothing to lose: you do.